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Peace is Like a Virus—Highly Contagious and Spreads Effortlessly through our Presence

By Catalyst Yogi

“I am asking you to be conscious of your own self. Feel your own feelings. Know your own feeling. Relate to your own feeling. Don't go beyond you. There is nothing beyond you: nothing was, nothing is, nothing shall be.”
-Yogi Bhajan, 10/24/91

In the Aquarian Age, we need to know that the enemies are not outside of ourselves anymore. This world that we see with our physical eyes is but a mirror of the collective unconscious of humanity.

If we do not know ourselves and charge into this mirror, we only end up fighting our own reflection. Listen to people speak negatively about others—they are only talking about un-integrated parts of themselves. So before running out to save the world, we must first save ourselves, and this means to know who we really are. Once you know and take responsibility for your shadow and light, only then are you in your power to stand up for Truth because you are the living embodiment of Truth.

As Yogi Bhajan says, “There is nothing beyond you.” There is only You. When you are in your Truth, you let your presence do all the work. This means that anything not in Truth will rise to your vibration naturally.

I remember when years ago I had to take the bus, which at that time I dreaded because I felt victimized by the noise, low frequency energies and feeling everybody. I would normally make myself small in energy—go into my head and just suffer the ordeal.

I complained to GOD one day: “I don’t want to feel everybody’s stuff. I feel so powerless that I can’t even take the bus without feeling traumatized.” What I heard back was profound. “The Universe doesn’t like a vacuum so if YOU are not there, everyone else will be.” I took this new attitude to the bus. I switched off my phone and became very present to my environment. I claimed my energetic space, looking around, breathing long and deep, and silently blessing everyone with peace. At the beginning of my ride it was pandemonium and by the time I left it felt like a temple. Every person was quiet and peaceful—not one person was talking!

So as Spiritual Warriors we must take responsibility for our environments and know that our Presence works as long as we’re present! And our most challenging battle is with our own fears. The greatest gift we can offer humanity is to transcend our fears and vibrate peace and love wherever we go. Peace is like a virus—highly contagious and spreads effortlessly from person to person through our Presence.

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