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Kundalini Yoga—Awakening the Soul

Kundalini Yoga presents us with an image of the human being: an individual who has as a core a shining soul, with a consciousness that is luminous and which carries the experiences of God. That soul is shrouded in our personal karmas. The karmas are the results of choices and attachments and come from actions that are not done in the carefree service and rhythm of the totality of consciousness. The karmas have come from fear and from identifying with the finite self and ego.

Because you have a will which has freedom, you make choices and are allowed to get as shrouded and dirty as you like. Out of compassion you always have some opportunity to be shaken and penetrated by a teacher or teaching. You may stay for the shaking, or you may choose to run and create more commotion for yourself. All teachings lead to the same realization and awakening of your potential. But some shaking is efficient and fast,and others are very slow.

Kundalini Yoga and the psyche that teaches it, is direct and royal. Those who have the blessing to practice it and teach it choose to stand before the crystal of their consciousness under a great pressure washer—to remove the clouds of past acts in order to reside now in the timeless beauty of the soul.

[From The Aquarian Teacher: KRI International Teacher Training Level One Textbook]