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The Householder Yogi – My Path to Peace

By GuruMeher Khalsa

My 88-year-old mother was talking with me about how dangerous the world has become compared to when I was young and the kids roamed the neighborhood and we never locked our doors. Why the growing fear? A major change that comes with this Aquarian Age is what I call the Democratization of Power.

The power of an individual to do harm is no longer limited to Kings and dictators. Any one person can now do untold damage with their own high-powered gun or bomb, or hack in and cripple a corporation or government from the laptop in their bedroom.

An angry lover can destroy the reputation or career of their ex with one picture sent from their phone. Our inventions have brought power to the people. It seems that our consciousness as a species has not grown fast enough to use all that power responsibly.

As a boy, I wanted the complete power of a genie. Later I realized that if I couldn’t control my own temper, it would be unwise for me to possess such power. The "Power of Attraction" is real, but works equally to create and destroy.

We desire that God-like control of the world, but can we handle it when driven more by our animal fears than our human compassion? Well, the genie is out of the bottle! Technology has overreached our consciousness. So the evolutionary pressure is on to elevate ourselves and refine our capabilities.

My mom went on to say, “With so much danger in the world today, what can one person do?” My answer is, BE the change you want to see in the world. First, learn to rule your own domain. If some choose to destroy, others of us can use our power to create as much peace in and around ourselves as possible, and help others to do the same. But how? Live a life that brings you peace!

My lifestyle is my personal path to peace, and it’s called the life of the householder yogi. It means, to the best of my ability I take care of my health; deal with stressors to eliminate them; live for higher values; sit daily and meditate to tame my mind; learn to communicate and work things out with my wife so love can flow; train my kids by sharing these tools; support my growing consciousness among a group of similarly inclined people; and try to teach and uplift others.

In short, I study humanology and use yogic technology to live simply, gracefully, elegantly, happily; to create love in my surroundings. Sounds sweet, but if were easy everyone would be doing it.

When I was younger and working so hard to “go get” success and do my duty, I was rarely at home with my family. My wife would remind me what Yogi Bhajan said, "God lives in cozy homes." Over time, with her patience, and through the tools of a committed relationship, she helped me realize that truth by experiencing it.

Working to work things out and create a mind at peace, a loving family, a supportive community and an overall happy life, seem small compared to all the suffering out there. But while I can’t change the world, I can directly affect and improve the world inside and right around me. If enough of us do that, love will reach “critical mass” and carry the day.

Being a humble, happy yogi and family man is my path to world peace.  I thank Yogi Bhajan for giving us this noble peace prize of a simple way of life that works. Equal thanks to the thousands who, by living it, have created this 3HO family.  I hope you too will “keep up” as a peaceful warrior, making the world a nicer place one home at a time!

GuruMeher is a professional Life Coach and Kundalini Teacher Trainer. His upcoming course, Emotional Liberation offers a complete training based on his book, Senses of the Soul and begins again in 2019. This and other resources for the positive use of negative emotions are yours at