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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: What is Karma?

Excerpts from a lecture given on May 25, 1982 in Los Angeles, CA

Today we are going to discuss something with you in the story of the law of karma—karma and projection. What is karma? Every sequence leads to consequences. Newton's third law is the law of karma. What is karma?

Student: Every sequence will lead to consequences. If you don't want to start the consequences, don't start the sequence.

Yogi Bhajan: If you have karma, you aren’t in dharma. Karma is the action and reaction by you. In karma you are the pilot; in dharma the code of conduct is the pilot. Dharma has a pilot and karma has you as the pilot. If you do not understand what karma is, you do not understand who you are.

If you live dharma, you don't have karma. There is no such thing as a dharma which doesn't have a code of conduct. The code of conduct of dharma is the way of living. In dharma you are not the pilot; the principles [of living] are dictated.

You don't understand life on this planet and the law of karma. You are here not to take; you are here to give. None of you is willing to give love; you want to take love. You take love to make yourself secure. There is no security in taking; you can never be secure in taking.

By taking, one day you will get tired. You can't even take anymore. By the load of taking you will be drowned under it. Giving is regal; giving is law. Give love, give trust, give other people grace. Speak kind words to somebody. Give kindness, give trust, give service, be sweet. There are so many things you can give that cost you nothing.

We belong to giving. And we owe it to God because God gave us life and we must give to all.

Those who love God don't have time to make excuses because their dedication and their depth is their projection. When projection of you is dharma, then you are divine. When projection of you is karma, you are going to be milled down by time and space. We'll talk about the grinding wheel of time and space and you in the theory of karma.

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