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Yogi Bhajan Quotes on Relaxation

If you can stay very relaxed under all circumstances, you are very holy.

The relaxation which you know is not relaxation. The kind of rest you need to recuperate is not there. You need total harmonious relaxation.

If you are emotional, you are not relaxed. And when the body needs relaxation, and you cannot provide relaxation, you become commotional. Then the body asks for more relaxation, and you become neurotic. The body again asks for relaxation, and you become psychotic. You are done.

You are supposed to be relaxed all the time so that you can think right and act right. A non-relaxed attitude can totally tamper with your neuron energy, and your brain cannot think right. Your brain, your neurons cannot serve you; your psyche cannot cover you; your attitude does not fit you. And still you think you are a human being. 

If anything and everything can provoke you, where is your balance? Are you a human being or a yoyo?

Only a relaxed man is a man of God; other man is a phony man because relaxation represents Godliness. Relaxation represents Divinity in you, relaxation represents calmness, quietness, sweetness, beauty, everything. Only the relaxed man is worth anything.

When you are not relaxed, spirit won't prevail through you.

Tension is a beautiful daughter of a demon with which you get married and live in a hell. Relaxation is the beautiful daughter of God with which you get married and live in heaven. You have to have a choice. The choice is before you. Always feel relaxed. Always live relaxed. Always love as relaxed to be. Stop tension, tension leads to miseries, tension leads to disease, tension makes life like a hell. Tension brings enmity, tension takes away from you the truth, tension is anti-God; tension makes you a living demon. It is only the relaxed man who can reach God. Relaxation is a key to Godliness. 

Your frequency should prove that the whole Universe is yours and you are of the whole Universe. So whatever it is, it is. And that is the power of relaxation. 

An unrelaxed human being is nothing but a bundle of carrots.

Life is how much you can relax. The reality of life is relaxation. Just relax.

Life is meant to be relaxed under all circumstances, because your own auric shield is your life protector. 

Patience is a mode to relaxation. And the first teacher in life is the mother, second is the father, third is the environment and relatives, and fourth is the spiritual teacher. Any child who is born and grown under these four super human beings in a relaxed environment will be a successful being.

Celestial Communication works wonders with all people from all religions and from all places. It's a methodology which will give you a tremendous amount of relief in your inner being.

Relaxation can tune you into the power of Infinity and from there you can draw the cosmic energy to live on this Earth as a God.

The most precious thing in the world which is missing these days is relaxation.

The art of relaxation is when you relax and let the hand of God guide you. Whatever has been created, good and bad, is by God, so why do you react to it? If you don't react, you are very relaxed. It is a promissory situation: when you relax, the hand of God takes you through.

Relaxation can only come to you if you have relaxed yourself. One way to do it is to feel you are a part of the Universe, and the Universe is a part of you. You are as beautiful as the Universe is beautiful. Without you, the Universe is not beautiful, nor are you beautiful without it. So feel relaxed.

Twenty or thirty minutes of meditation will cool you up, but you can't then jump into the world right away. After giving you a bath in relaxation, meditation should bring you back to an effective working condition. To get spaced out, to lose normal control, or to over relax your body temporarily, and then shoot it up to an action is very dangerous. If you meditate and relax yourself and immediately jump out like a monkey or a baboon and start working, it is worse for the heart than anything else in the world you can do. Meditation has to be designed in such a way that it can take an individual into a deep stage of relaxation, and after the entire nervous system relaxes, a person should be back again to the effectiveness of oneself. Meditation is not only relaxation, it is much deeper than relaxation. It is relaxing the thought patterns and making it so cozy that you can withdraw when you want; you can start when you want. 

Deep relaxation helps us live longer. 

yoga class:
Lie down on your back please, and take a nap. We are giving you a lullaby to put you to sleep like little children. We expect you to go quickly and deeply asleep now. Get lost. Relax your body, relax your mind and relate to your soul.

As a relaxed person, you will be in a position to judge and imagine everything in life with the art of no tension, so even a most tense person will find sanctuary with you and will become relaxed.

Don't give your body a hard time. It will serve you better. You will be a more decent human being if your physical body is relaxed, your mind is clear, and your spirit is vibrant.

Total harmonious relaxation cures the body. To achieve this there must be a coordination between the three facets of ourselves: body, mind, and soul.

The highest achievement and most difficult task of human mental and physical activity is to calm down your body and mind at the same time.

Whistling relaxes a person inside and out. It creates a balance.

Relaxation is the highest form of wisdom.

Whistling is breath and music combined. It is music and breath and you work with the lips. It is very powerful. When soldiers march, they start whistling and singing. It relaxes a person inside and out. It creates a balance.

Once you get to the pattern to live relaxed, be relaxed, and understand relaxation in your life, the entire environments will deal with you on that same level, and life will become as happy as you can imagine.

Relaxation doesn't mean you move. Who taught you that? Relaxation is not when you move. Relaxation is when you have completely done the job and you are most alert. People have learned that relaxation is when you lie down; you have completed the job and you close your eyes. Funnies, that's not relaxation. Relaxation is a super feeling when you have accomplished the job and you are consciously aware that it is completely done to the best of your accomplishment of your inner self. 

People think relaxation is when you lie down or sleep and calm yourself. That is not true. Relaxation is a body behavior, a personality. It comes from endurance, tolerance and intelligence.

The greatest happiness, the greatest relaxation is when man looks around himself and says, “I am walking right, I am talking right, I am doing right, I am doing my best.” Good, better best. Do your best and you will be surprised that everything will turn out very good around you. Enjoy your life.

Tension is the source of all unhappiness and sickness. The worst enemy of you is that one who makes you tense. The worst thing in your life is that which makes you tense. The worst job in your life is that which will make you tense. When you are in tension, you cannot communicate right. The Law of Relaxation is law of Divinity. A man of God is a relaxed man, and that is very essential in life. If you cannot relax in meditation, you cannot find the joy in meditation, you cannot levitate in meditation. You cannot get into the higher stories of your consciousness.

Inhale, exhale and relax. Relax, relax and lie down immediately. Let the energy circulate completely. It will accurately adjust your nervous system, your life force energy, and your circulation, and give power to your muscles and feed the muscles with the proper strength and make all your glands secrete to the required secretion. It will increase your lung capacity, purify your blood and make it thinner so that the circulation may be good. This all happens during these fifteen minutes.

Relaxation is a medium through which achievement can be enjoyed and digested.

Man is not supposed to live under fear complex. And the beauty is the moment you relax then everything is yours. That is the most beautiful part of it. As long as you are hassling, it doesn't work out, and the moment you release yourself, everything starts coming to its place.

When you cannot take care of your neurosis by any known method, do just a few minutes of Celestial Communication. There is no power more than the power of the word, and when the word is performed through the body, the entire being is purified and relaxed.

Student: "Why do you want me to relax?" Yogi Bhajan: "It's a good thing to relax." Student: "No, life is to work hard, to make it happen, to survive, to raise your standard of life. To use this time effectively to get what you want." Yogi Bhajan: "With all that, if you are not relaxed, you won't achieve a thing."

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan