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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: From Where Does Anxiety Come?

Excerpts from a lecture given on July 25, 1990 at Women’s Camp in Espanola, NM

Where does the anxiety in your life come from? Can you tell me?

Student: Insecurity.

Yogi Bhajan: Everything comes from that, we know.

Student: Duality.

Yogi Bhajan: We have to have duality to understand what reality is.

[More student answers.]

Yogi Bhajan: No, no it is only one little word. Give me that one word. Give me that one word which is the source of every anxiety.

[More student answers.]

Yogi Bhajan: Anxiety comes from the very fact that your sense of achievement and your sense of time conflict.

It's not even ambition; it's a reaction which we create. Anxiety is not a natural cause. It is man-made and it's a disease. It's a killer. The only thing which can make you fail in life is anxiety, and we are all anxious.

Understand one line and remember it again and again: the one who can rotate this Earth can take care of the routine that will give you a little balance. The one who can rotate this Earth can take care of your routine.

What God has preplanned is called destiny. Those who do not compute density to give distance to their destiny have a disease of anxiety. The problem with anxiety is that you can be the most successful person, but you will still be the most painful person for yourself.

Learn to listen to others calmly and learn to listen to yourself quietly. The moment you do not quietly listen to your own self, it is natural that you will become anxious.

Your strength is not in God; your strength is not in Washington D.C.; your strength is not in your wealth, in your bank. Your strength is not in those degrees you have got. Your strength is nowhere.

Your strength is only in how calmly, quietly, and peacefully you can face the consequences.

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