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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Welcome Your Tomorrow

Excerpts from a lecture given on August 21, 1985 in Los Angeles, CA

Sometimes it is winter, sometimes it is summer, fall or spring, but all four seasons come from the same Earth by its orbit around the Sun. We have day and night; it is from the movement of the Earth around its axis. If we look into that aspect of the Universe, you will find a similarity in how much fear plays a part in your life—how much you move around fear just like Earth moves around on its axis.

Fear is a good thing. You should be afraid of doing something wrong to somebody. You should be afraid of damaging something. But using fear as a way of life is the most dangerous thing in the world. It makes people undependable, moody, and doubtful of everybody. The smoothness and happiness and trustworthiness of life is gone.

Fear that you will not betray your consciousness. But to be afraid whether somebody will deal with you consciously or not is a total tragedy. Being afraid of being cheated is more harmful than actually getting cheated. Being afraid that tomorrow will not be good, is worse than the worst tomorrow. Because after all, all these pressures project on your glandular system and eat up and damage your health.

Your moods, your fears, your dualities and your lies all put pressure on your being, and as glands are the guardian of the health, they have to work extra. That's why emotional, commotional, fearful, behavior is not healthy. It's not possible for the body to undertake that pressure.

Not to accept the will of God, not to accept the flow of life, not to accept the life of love, is not only painful for the person, it is also painful for all the surroundings he touches, feels and deals with.

Life is now. Just welcome tomorrow, don't worry about it. You ruin your tomorrow by worrying about it. Welcome tomorrow and thank God for today becoming yesterday. Take this attitude and wherever you are, you will be happy. The moment you are happy you will be rich. The moment you will be rich you will be giving, and when you start giving, you will be Godly. Richness does not only mean money. Richness also means giving a smile. Having a humor in life. Creativity.

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

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