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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Life Free of Drugs

Excerpts from a lecture given on May 12, 1983 in Chicago, IL

You have to understand why we take drugs, and why we get sick, and why we develop disease. There is no reason that when you put in this body wrong things, you should get right results. 

Tension, stress, insecurities. We are afflicted by loneliness, lack of trust, lack of faith, lack of relationship. Man has never been such a yo-yo in his entire creation. We are habitual liars, we are professional cheats, we deceit our best friends, we lie to our best people, and then over and all we want to justify ourselves that we are saints.

Mankind is at the top of its worst now. We cannot actually live with ourselves and when that stage is reached, we want to drown ourselves in something and one avenue for that is drugs.

There is x-amount of energy, there is x-amount of time. Energy has to be spread through that time to live. We are always in a position to accommodate ourselves with nicotine, coffee, alcohol—and then when it is not satisfactory, we go on to stronger drugs.

There are drugs like PCP which you cannot come out of the damage, it doesn't matter how many therapies you do. You cannot come out of the damage by marijuana, no matter what method.

The lack of parent's care, parent's love creates drug addiction. Nobody is willing accept it even in this conference. It is ridiculous to talk like that, because all of you are parents and who wants to listen about his own faults? But the fact of the matter is what is a drug? It is going into something to fulfill one's own inner emptiness. There is nothing, just spacing out, not facing the reality. It means we don't have guts, we don't have stamina, we don't have education, we don't have strength, so we get strength from outside. When inside strength is not available, you have to do something.

The problem with drugs is that when you tell somebody he is addicted, he will say, "Forget it, I am not addicted, I can stop for three days, I can stop for one week." It is not your stopping the drugs, it's your mental trauma, When you are even stopping you are living with it.

We get clients and we change their diet. We give them the exercise habits. We inspire them, we give them counseling, and mostly we rely on their own self help. I am not saying the result is one hundred percent, but I am saying that for the time they recognize the fact they want to get out, the result is two hundred percent. It is the pressure of the outside community—when they go and face the outside community they lack the support and they get to the emptiness of life again, and about ten percent of them become victims of this,

So long as the human has not learned to use his and her resources to have a fulfilled competent life, drugs shall be the way. To me, drug addiction is where the call of the man to save himself comes down to humanity. And those who believe in compassion and service will always be available and do it. And those who will do it will be the people who understand that they have time for others and they will like to live for others. It's my conviction that man can live free of drugs all the time, any time, but one has to choose for himself.

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