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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Celestial Communication and Relaxation

Excerpts from a lecture given on August 27, 1985, in Los Angeles, CA

Now we hear the song of “Himalaya” and you will have the celestial movement with it to relax yourself. Everybody should sing and participate with this, clean and pure.

(Class sings and then tape ends)

This was a Celestial Communication. When you cannot take care of your neurosis by any known method, do just a few minutes of it. There is no power more than the power of the word, and when the word is performed through the body, the entire being is purified and relaxed—whether you are a Christian a Jew, a Moslem, a Hindu, a Sikh, or a Buddhist.

Something has to be given to mankind to excel, and that is what we have done. We have transformed our songs to the strength of the Celestial Communication technique, which is our gift to this world. It relaxes the ten parts of the brain through the nerve connections of the tips of the fingers, which are the main active parts and ingredients in this being. When the fingers move with the prana to communicate, this cantaloupe becomes a human brain. The tension of the nerve pattern is revealed into a relaxation pattern of its own originality. It's a very fantastic release.

Some people are relaxed and some are not relaxed. Physical relaxation is not as important as the neuro systematic relaxation is. That's why the Celestial Communication system works wonders with all people from all religions and from all places. It's a methodology which will give you a tremendous amount of relief in your inner being.

For example, let us see the next, “Promises.”

(Class does the “Promises” Celestial Communication)

Creativity, when combined with physical and psychological concentration and meditation is very helpful. It balances the human energy and gives strength to the radiant body. This way prosperity and success come to people who, against all odds can smile; against all provocation can peacefully talk; and against all obnoxiousness can beautifully behave. They are bound to be very successful. There is no such thing as defeat for them.

People who are temperamental, calling wolf all the time, being emotional, being neurotic, being critical, being a slanderer, being a gossip spreader and all those kinds of qualities, are very self-destructive, and the time has come when we should voluntarily get out of all that.

The most beautiful act you can do to yourself is, don't listen to garbage. Friends bring gifts to each other; they do not bring their own garbage and lay it on the house of a friend. You are so unfortunate that you have no sensitivity to even understand that the mental garbage is worse than physical garbage. For physical garbage, a truck will come weekly and take it away. Mental garbage is a hundred twenty dollars an hour sitting with a psychiatrist and trying to get rid of it, and it still doesn't go.

What we have to do is to come like a lotus out of the mud.

Let us see how we can project an Infinite reality in our own activity, “All for You.”

(“All for You” Celestial Communication is done in class)

Fortunately, we have a video tape and you can all sit before it and correct yourself. We are trying to transform as many musical songs as we have into the Celestial Communication. Songs in music are like time capsules for coming generations to follow, read, sing and enjoy.

The most precious thing in the world which is missing these days is relaxation. So we thought, let us come to the root of tension and that is the brain. Let us get to the point where every human being by his/her own right can put a tape into the VCR. It goes in and on the screen comes the Celestial Communication. It will do more good than you can even realize.

Thank you very much for coming today to class, it was a hot Tuesday and we'll meet again and talk and see what we can do for each other. Thank you, God bless.

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan