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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Bless Your Crises

Excerpts from a lecture given on September 24, 1985 in Los Angeles, CA 

Today we are dealing with something very important in our life. It's called transmigration of identity crisis. We live in a coma. We hear, we read, we say, we talk, we converse. We do everything, but there is no change. We are the same as we are. It is just like a long big sleep.

One minute we are very happy. Second minute very unhappy. Sometimes we are up in the sky, sometimes we are below to the hell. And the greatest mystery of all this is that we are alive.

If we count our mistakes, put them together, we should be dead yesterday. There is no reason to be. It is the crisis we create. It's the crisis we live in and the crisis we deal with. We are in a coma of crisis. There is no softness, no realness, there is nothing.

So today we are trying to go into our subconscious and we will find our own crises and we will deal with them. I will simply help you to prepare yourself to dive deep in it.

[Class meditates]

When the crisis hits, you should never feel tense because that's all the crisis can do. Crises can kill you and they cannot make you live. All the crisis can do is make you tense, emotional and weak, and that's quite a lot, isn't it?

Then why be friendly with the crisis? What's the big idea, and what's the hurry? Crises have come, they have hit you. Just take it easy, and bless them. Sing a lullaby to them. Put them to sleep. It’s very easy to say it; it is difficult to do.

Understand that with crisis I'll become tense, weak and insane, and by singing a lullaby, I'll be happy and crisis will be put to sleep. What a victory it is.

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