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The Healing Powers of Deep Relaxation

Excerpts from Enlightened Bodies

Deep relaxation restores all systems and allows for integration of all the subtle and physical changes initiated by a kriya.

Immune System

That yummy happy feeling that comes during relaxation at the end of a yoga class is beneficial to the development of the immune response. The immune system needs stillness as a counterpoint to movement. Feeling cozy and safe allows the Heart Center to relax and the thymus to do its job of maturing white blood cells.

While movement allows the cells to gather information about threats to the body, stillness and deep relaxation allow the cells of the immune system to rest next to each other and coordinate. While the body is at rest, the cells have a chance to acquire information from each other about foreign invaders and to then develop the intricate tagging systems needed to eliminate not-self gatecrashers.

Full body rest gives the immune cells an opportunity to coordinate and creates the most efficient immune response.

“The deep relaxation at the end of a Kundalini Yoga kriya is the single most impactful aspect for stabilizing the immune system. It is in this still point that immune response function is balanced and restored."
-Shanti Shanti Kaur, PhD, Director and founder of the Guru Ram Das Center for Medicine and Humanology

Nervous and Endocrine Systems

At the end of every yoga practice, there is a period of deep relaxation. This time of stillness allows you to integrate the effort and the effects of the yoga. The body can adjust and create a new homeostasis. The energizing or healing impact of the kriya can be fully integrated as the nervous system goes into parasympathetic mode, and the endocrine system responds to the pressures of the poses with renewed hormonal balance. Deep relaxation as a counterpoint to vigorous exercise allows the glands to feel refreshed.

As the muscles relax and soften, they absorb the changes on a cellular level. The entire experience quietly builds a better functioning body.

Heart Chakra

Deep relaxation creates a gentle resting time for the heart center.

Enlightened Bodies: Exploring Physical and Subtle Human Anatomy by Nirmal Lumpkin, LMT and Japa Kaur Khalsa, DOM, available through KRI.

Dr. Japa Khalsa is a 25 year practitioner of Energy Medicine. Her dual degree as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) empower her consultations with authenticity and truth. She has a special alignment with women’s health and she supports all women to be empowered through meditation, yoga and the use of specific herbs to support a woman’s health through all the times of her life. Dr. Khalsa travels and teaches internationally as a Professional Teacher Trainer for Kundalini Yoga, as co-author of Enlightened Bodies, she brings an awareness of the human body’s potential to self-heal in her work.

Nirmal Lumpkin enjoys helping clients and students on their path to their highest and healthiest life. She currently teaches Kundalini Yoga and Meditation as taught by Yogi Bhajan in various locations. She is a Level 2 Certified Teacher (500-hr) with the Kundalini Research Institute and a Professional Trainer of Kundalini Yoga with the Aquarian Trainer Academy. Nirmal is an engaging and practical teacher and trainer specializing in Physical and Yogic Anatomy and Postures.