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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Living Consciously on the Earth

Excerpts from a lecture given on 4/29/90 in Los Angeles, CA 

Just this morning I got up and switched off a light. I think we are a bunch of idiots who keep our lights on during the day and we do not understand the impact of it. Forty percent of the pollution on this planet Earth is because of our excessive use. And that includes every light you leave on. Just understand the impact of it.

Recycle, sort out your newspapers. Because we have, on average, cut down the trees to the point that the lung capacity of the Earth to consume carbon dioxide and give oxygen has come to the minimum, and if this trend continues, in fifty years we'll be eliminated like the dinosaurs. We shall not be here.

Are we going to inherit this Earth with our PhDs, and our MDs and our business Administration and whatever we have? Is it our conscious wisdom that we are doing it without caring what we are doing?

Ecologically we are not conscious of God. We are not divine people; we are very selfish and absolute idiots. We do not understand God exists―we don't recognize it. Ecology exists and we don't recognize it. We don't think we have any relationship with ecology.

One day Sarb Shakti, a little girl who was four and half years old, went in to see her papa brushing his teeth. She said, "Papa, stop the faucet when you are brushing your teeth." So he stopped it and brushed his teeth. Then he said, "Sarb Shakti, why did you tell me to stop the faucet?"

She said, "You are consuming energy by letting the water go. Could you please write a letter to my teacher and tell him that I stopped my father from abusing energy?"

And he had to do it. Then he asked me about it and I told him, "She has to grow up tomorrow on this Earth and she wants the Earth as it is. She doesn't want the Earth that you leave to be a dump for her."

Are we leaving our children a dump? We are not aware of the ecology, as we are not aware of God. People who call themselves rational and reasonable and educated and cultural and civilized—what are we creating? We are creating a conscious pollution and we are creating it all around us.

You have to deal with these situations. I know we are not conscious when the water is flowing. When we are taking a shower and doing those kinds of things, at that time we only consider our selfish point of view. We do not consider that there is the whole ecology and Mother Earth is with us.

And we are so cold and deadly to our Mother. Its vibration and its love and affection are providing for us. Now there is a drought in so many states; there is no rain. The rainforests have been reduced enough to change the atmosphere and everything on this planet.

Oh God, whatever suits thee, whatever that creation is, suits us. God created Earth—it didn't suit us. We became so scared, so insecure, that we started plundering Mother Earth.

Let us talk of faith—whether you are a Christian, a Jew, a Buddhist, a Sikh, a Hindu, a Muslim—if you plunder your Mother, how will you look in the eyes of God and society and the accepted principle of divinity and civilization? We are plundering Mother Earth left and right.

There was a show on Earth Day. Mother Earth was an actress who was lying down sick and the daughter and son come and said, “Mother, they are talking great, you are going to be all right, you are going to be healthy." She said, "Twenty years from now and twenty years ago, they all talked like this. It was all great. It was a Sunday. It was Earth Day. It was my day. I was given all the promises, all the talk.”

And the children said, "What happened?" She said, "Nothing. Monday came." They said, "We don't understand." She said, "By Monday they forgot all about it."

The Universe is crying from every corner to save Mother Earth. Don't plunder it. Let us build it and balance the ecology, the creative nature of the Universe.

©The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan