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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: On Behalf of the Earth

Excerpts from a lecture by Yogi Bhajan on December 11, 1990

Every drop of water wasted costs energy, every extra light costs energy. All that energy has to be produced. One-third of the energy is wasted. The result is that we are polluting the planet Earth. Our oceans are polluted, our rivers and lakes are polluted, and God bless us, our air is polluted. We have no self-control and the way we are living on this planet, the way we are cutting the forests, the way we are wasting the land, in one hundred years we will reach our doomsday.

I was in Moscow last year. We were about eight hundred people: three hundred religious people; three hundred people of the government—senators, congressmen, legislators, political people; and two hundred scientists from all over the world. We gathered in Moscow, we talked for five days. The scientists kept telling us that if we do not act right now, we will never be in a position to recuperate the Earth. We have reached a point beyond danger.

We all understood it. We came back home. Everywhere in America and all over the world there was Earth Day. One Sunday it was celebrated and newspapers carried the stories. The next day there were the same old habits, the same waste of energy, the same waste of water, the same pollution. Do you understand that in two hundred years the United States has become a garbage pit? It’s a lot of land and a lot of resources; and lot of things are gone. It is surprising how much pollution has taken place.

Life has become nothing but smoke. Mankind needs a lot of strength. What is happening? We do not have our perpetual strength.

Excerpts from a lecture by Yogi Bhajan on August 17, 1989

A very courageous man, a very strong man, a very real man can talk about peace. Peace doesn’t mean to just talk about peace, peace means we have to put all the pieces together and get to one picture. It’s a song of victory, it’s a song of God, it’s a song of reality. And as I have said, until this Earth stops revolving, if those born of a woman don’t know how to respect woman, there shall be no peace. Just imagine that Mother Earth is a woman. What have we done to it? We ourselves do not know. What are we going to do to it? We are not going to know.

Our souls are in pain. Our souls are part of our tragedy, and Mother Earth is crying in vain. That is the song of reality. And we are still gossiping and boasting; that is our insanity, and we call ourselves human, the light of God. We do not remember our personality. Today is one day when you have honored me by coming here and participating with me in the name of Almighty God, who out of His many bountiful blessings, gave us the planet Earth which we have raped, abused, misused—and we are not stopping. We are not at peace with Mother Earth, we are not at peace with environments, we are not at peace with ourselves, we are not at peace within ourselves. The time has come when we must all wake up to a simple reality: without peace what else are we?

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