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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Come Out from the Cocoon of Your Habits

Excerpts from “Enrich Your Mind,” a lecture by Yogi Bhajan in The Mind: It's Projections and Multiple Facets

Your mind is not a joke. This mind of yours is a part of the Master Mind, the Universal Mind. That Master Mind is the custodian of the Almighty's force. In the Almighty's force, you are also a force. What can you do? Who are you? What is your concept? If you are not intermingled with that vastness, if you have not absolutely surrendered yourself into the Totality of this existence—life, then you will feel very independent, lonely, confused, and live a cursed life. You will have no following, no students, no trail of impact, and no tale for a legacy. You will be just one person—born and died; that's it. You never came out. Your ego, fears, and commotions are a cocoon, you will never hatch, blossom, and be beautiful.

That cocoon is woven from your habits—your mental patterns. You are such a slave of your habits, that you can never free yourself. You are so bound and stitched into your neuroses, you will never feel free. Your judgement will be biased; your words will be biased; your social relationships will be biased; your projection will be biased; and your living will be biased. Your facets and reactions will limit you. The tragedy is that everybody knows it, except you, who thinks it is hidden. It is only the egomaniac who doesn't know. Everyone else in every realm of consciousness does know.

Without vastness and an enriched mind, you entangle in earth and try to have everything and end up with nothing. Husbands fight with wives. Father fights with the children. Children fight with the mother. There's no familiarity, no capacity of connection. You do not develop anything and there is no depth.

The one power and gift you have from the Almighty is the mind. When the mind is enriched, when the mind has all the 81 facets together, that mind which has all the projections together is capable of Infinity. Mind is the only power you have which is positive, and can be definitely finite or definitely positively Infinite. It can reach both ends of the pendulum.

When you enrich your mind you can break the slavery of low habits and ego. You can act as part of the entire Cosmos and learn to elevate and to let go. Everything you hold onto, that you feel you possess, that is not a gift, creates a karma, a debt. What is it you can give in life? When your mind is subtle, what can you give? You can give money, advice, a job, and many things. But that giving in itself is worthless if it has expectation with it. The only thing you can truly give someone is forgiveness. For the sake of giving, forgive. If you have an iota of refined mind, forgive, and forget it. Act from your grace, manners, and awareness, and trust the hand of God. You cannot understand and master the mind without this knowledge of yourself, your reality, and your spirit.

©The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan