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Yogic Living: A Guide to Yogic Parenting

Yogi Bhajan gave us countless tips, tools and technologies including how to raise healthy, happy and holy (whole) children.

  • A child needs to be given unconditional love.
  • A child needs to be taught values.
  • A child needs to feel safe and secure in their own identity.

 “A child is born to you to help him face his karma in this life. A child is not your ego; not a pet dog in the house; not a substitute for love. A child has nothing to do with that. A child is born to you so that you can prepare him to face time unto Infinity.”
The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan—the Power of the Spoken Word

May our children be blessed to experience their own highest destinies as the healers, leaders, and givers of tomorrow.  


Wisdom from the Master

Quotes on Raising Conscious Children

Ten Things to do for Your Children

Yogi Bhajan Q & A on Sadhana for Children

Video: Teach Your Children


    Teach Your Children

    Live, Love, and Walk on Your Own Two Feet

    Give a Child Self-Values

    Notes for Teens

    Mother: The First Teacher

    The Responsibility of Parenthood

    Speak Truth to Your Child


Conscious Lifestyle

A Yogic Guide to Parenting: Conception through the First Eleven Years

Teaching Children Values

Mother as the First Teacher

Conscious Parenting 

Teaching Yoga to Children 

Conscious Pregnancy

The Mother’s Prayer: Poota Mata Ki Asis

Becoming a Mother: Nine Months, Forty Days, Everyday


Kundalini Yoga Technology

I Am Happy’ Meditation for Children 
This meditation helps children remain stable especially when parents are going through difficulties.

Psyche of the Mother Meditation
Experience what a Mother does. Imagine there's a baby cradled in your arms. With each inhale you are caring for it.

Meditation to Keep Up with our Children
Build vitality and energy so that you have the stamina, the strength and courage, in the face of extreme demands and fatigue, to keep up and dwell in your divinity.

Yoga for Children Over 12 Years Old
Two meditations for memory and anger.

Charan Japa: Nourishing the Soul of the Unborn Child
This exercise is very bonding and healing for a couple and if expecting a child, this bonded consciousness helps the soul of the child to flourish. 

Shiv Kriya: Hold the Mother Instinct
"Your one touch to a child can give that child the strength to excel.” 


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