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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Calm Like a Mountain

Excerpts from a lecture given at UCLA on January 3, 1972 in Los Angeles, CA

What is a great man? You go to him with a great problem; you are upset and go with a great problem. He is calm and smiling. “Yes, what can I do for you? Everything is all right, don't worry. We will pray and everything is going to happen okay.” You are visiting for fifteen or twenty minutes. Talking to him has not gone to waste.

If he is a really calm man, he has practiced calmness; his vibrations are calm. He can vibrate calmness through his personality. In his presence you will feel calm. Because his vibration relates directly and indirectly into equilibrium.

A saintly man doesn't solve your problem. When you talk to him, he matches up. He eats up your vibration. He doesn't talk; he doesn't say a thing. He lets you talk. He lets those vibrations come and he neutralizes it. And then in one word he injects you. “All right my child, sit down, close your eyes, pray with me for one minute. God has blessed you, go home, everything is going to be all right.”

You feel as though you have come from a great thing. Some of you may have that experience, some may not have that. But a simple explanation is that that man is calm. He has tuned his personality to a calm note.

He is like a mountain. You have gone and struck at him. He has not moved. You have learned from him that there is beauty in not moving. You are also the same thing, you become calm.

Every man is capable of doing it. Simply he has to train and he has to direct his mental energy.

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