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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: From Beast to Divine

Excerpts from a lecture given on April 27, 1982 in Los Angeles, CA

It is very surprising that we have a synagogue and church on every corner of almost every street, and we have rabbis and padres and yogis and swamis coming in and talking about God, but man has never understood divinity.

Divinity is nothing but when man is in undivided higher consciousness. Divinity is not this and that. When you are undividedly in higher consciousness you are called Gurmukh. It's called divinity. And when you are in divided lower consciousness it is called Saakat.

Your unknown potential which is innocent, which is unused, which is always at your command, which is alive, which is here, is actually God. And when you use it in consciousness and consciously for consciousness sake it is your God. When you are just like a beast, an animal, you just use it left and right and you don't care, then it is beastly; it's lower consciousness and it is a divided concept of you. It is not divinity. If you start acting and organizing and planning everything according to your consciousness, you will be surprised how happy you will be. But unfortunately, you decide and promote everything according to your emotions.

Childhood Anger

Every person as a child is angry. Now why angry? It's a very simple phenomenon. Why you are angry? What's wrong with you? You are angry because you didn't get undivided attention from your mom and papa. They couldn't give you undivided attention because they were not together. You cannot pay undivided attention to anybody if your scene is not together or you are not together. And then you are two, three, four and they couldn't do a thing even for one, forget about two, three, four. But they thought when you are emotional and you want undivided attention, they give you some toys and they give you something to play with, or they give you some rap. If not that, they give you a spank and keep you under control. That's what the parents think.

Parents think to keep a child under control is all it’s about. And when they can control it in a legitimate way they overlord themselves. This over lordship brings rebellion, anger, and frustration. So children have that basic anger—tremendous amount of it.

There is anger in a three year old child and he has not forgotten that. So much so he has taken all that anger into his subconscious and he says give me a torch and I'll burn the city. Anger comes out in obnoxiousness, anger comes out in abusiveness, anger comes out in betrayal, anger comes out in treachery, anger comes out in abuse. Anger is the motivating force beyond control. That is anger. And when it starts coming out by subconscious, it is the most horrible thing you can ever understand.

Self-Control and Divinity

Somebody once told me, "I want to get rid of anger."

I said, "Then what is the date you want to get rid of?"

He said, "I have made up my mind by next Baisakhi I'll get rid of anger."

I said, "That's a very bad day for you to get rid of anger."

He said, "Why?"

I said, "You get rid of anger and you will be dead."

He said, "Why?"

I said, "Anger is controlled by the Agan Granthi. Heat of the entire body—the heat system is what creates anger and controls anger. You get rid of anger, that means you get rid of the heat, Agan Granthi, and that means no digestion, no circulation, no temperature at all."

He said, "I never understood that."

I said, "That's what it is. You can say I'll bring down my anger under control, but to totally get rid of it, that's not a very good approach. There is a Sitali Pranayam that has the capacity to control your anger and bring your nervous system from frustration to non-frustration."

In divinity it is not that you have to take control of yourself and you are divine. In divinity you take care of everyone; you are in touch with it, with your higher consciousness. That is called dispensing the divinity.

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