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The Body as a High Performance Car

The main rule for a good yogic lifestyle is to be conscious, to cultivate moderation, and to commit to presenting ourselves before our highest awareness through yoga and meditation. This will lead us to a vital, expressive, victorious lifestyle of love, service, self-esteem and happiness.

The body is the instrument through which we receive our tangible experiences. Kundalini Yoga gives us access to the storehouse of resources built into our body and mind. If we treat the body with respect and care, we are that much more able to experience and direct our life effectively.

Imagine the body as a high performance automobile. You would give it only premium gasoline to make it run smoothly. You would bring it to the service station frequently for oil changes and preventive maintenance. You would love it and take good care of it.

We must treat our body at least as well as we would treat that car. It is the only vehicle we will get and it is, in fact, designed for high performance. These teachings are the owners' manual that may have been misplaced. Our awareness, training, and commitment are often deficient so we act and experience the body and mind as less sensitive than they are. We eat erratically and often poorly. We stay up late and sleep late. We pretend our bodies are a low cost car! We clog our valves and forget about our high-performance ranges. Our occasional self-mistreatment develops into chronic bad habits. We become ill, out of balance, unpredictable and untrustworthy even to ourselves.

Regular practice of Kundalini Yoga puts us in touch with our "high performance" abilities. It becomes easier to treat ourselves well. We eat in moderation, sleep in moderation, exercise in moderation. We create balance and well-being.

[From The Aquarian Teacher: KRI International Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level One Textbook]