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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Learn How to Love

Excerpts from a lecture given on 9/12/71, Santa Cruz, CA

If a glass has water in it, when I pour, the water must flow. If the water does not flow, the glass does not have the water. It's a simple law.

If you have love, you must live for others. If you have love, you must sacrifice for others. If you have love, you must not exploit other brothers and sisters. If you talk love, prove it; otherwise don't talk love. When you talk love and you don't prove it, you will pollute the vibration of the sound current of the love and then you are never loved.

If you cannot learn anything from me, learn how to love. First know what love is. Love is an experience of selflessness within oneself. Love makes you a giver. Love makes you a person who can sacrifice. Love can make you God; love can make you a saint.

But if you lust with people, I want to warn you, clearly understand that you are digging your own grave in your own life with your own hand. You will not have peace in your life. If you lust in the name of love, you will never have happiness, number one. You will never be healthy, number two. And you will never be holy, number three. That karma can wipe out every Sadhana.

Because one who says he loves and he betrays in practice, his total personality is deceitful and even God cannot forget or forgive a deceitful man. Because he is self-deceitful, nobody can help him out.

The Age of Aquarius is group consciousness; group consciousness means everybody's consciousness. Then nobody cheats anybody. That is group consciousness. Nobody deceives anybody; that is group consciousness. Life will become meaningless because the stars in the heavens have changed and human beings will not change. 

Everybody lives for everybody; that is group consciousness. And you have to live up to it. 

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