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The 8 Aspects of the Theory of Love


By Yogi Bhajan

1. The theory of love and hate is a simple theory. Everybody wants to love. But when you can't keep the flow of love it can turn into embarrassment, frustration, and finally hate. From hate to vengeance, then it becomes destruction. Everything starts with love. Love is the basic law. Hate is the other side of the coin.

2. Hook and Hooker is a common game of two individuals, or group of individuals. The basic habit is for a game to be played for security. It is a security that is only an illusion; a dating game where the pit is hidden in the date, to be swallowed later.

3. Emotional Love is when you see the cause of fulfillment in another person and reject your own personal reality and make it inferior to the other personality.

4. Commotional Love is an interlock with emotional fantasy and the push of ego and creates and lives with the habit of insecurity, and attitudes of bad manners. Outcomes of commotional love are pain, shallowness, hollowness, unfulfillment, inferiority complex, anger, fear, tears, trauma, impotency, and sleepless nights.

5. Circumstantial Love is environmentally produced by the pressures of time and space and changes with time and space.

6. Real Love gives a chance to serve, promote, invest for another's excellence. It is a state of existence in which soul is felt, lived, and understood.

7. Self Love is understanding your existence and the love in one's self. It is the root of all selfless acts, sacrifice, martyrdom, and sainthood.

8. Infinite Love is the creative center of Infinity, one's basic source of wisdom and reality of excellence from beginning to end.

©The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

Reprinted from The Science of Keeping Up, Volume III, Number 1, 1996