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Yogi Bhajan’s New Year’s Message

Winter Solstice in Lake Wales, Florida, 12/24/96

Happy New Year!

For the last twenty-seven years, our image, our identity, and our integrity, have inspired us to prepare ourselves for the New Age and the new order of the world. This is a time that we must renew our faith and our spirit, our soul and our inner strength, understanding our union and oneness is of God in us.

Our purity and piety, our compassion, care and kindness, each day from dawn to dusk remind us that we all work for one goal: to serve humanity as a whole. Calamities, tragedies, betrayal and depression are parts of the challenges, which our higher self has to face. But with our grace and our faith and our understanding that Lord God is the owner of this planet who rotates the planet every twenty four hours and is watching over our routine, we can face it all with a smile.

It is the beauty, bounty and bliss of our inner self, which is our link to the Infinite Universe. May we walk on this path assessing our purity, inspired with our purpose to serve the great glory of our Creator, and consciously win over every contempt so that our purity brings us victory.

Let us enter 1997 with a high spirit, with happiness as our birthright, with the brightness of our God-given strength on our face, in our higher mind, wishing the Universe and the people we serve a happy and prosperous New Year.

With the sole purpose to serve and uplift humanity, our men and women, with smiles on their faces, work with great dedication and fortitude. On this day we honor and salute them and their families. May the New Year strengthen their resolve to move forward with added speed and higher consciousness.

In the end we remind ourselves that if we cannot see God in all, we cannot see God at all. We repeat our vow with our spirit that we shall continue to serve each human in God's will. May we all enter the New Year with best wishes, love and blessings.

-Yogi Bhajan

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