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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: The Will of the People

Excerpts from an interview given on 6/23/84 in Santa Fe, New Mexico

The message we want to give the whole world is that this is the time for all of us to be hand in hand―it doesn't matter to which congregation you belong.

Somewhere Christians are the minority, somewhere Jews are the minority, somewhere Buddhists are the minority. It's a question of a very simple thing: let us get together and re-establish that human rights will not be blocked. Press will not be blocked. My feeling is that world opinion―the heart and the heads of the world―shall come with us and that there is still a lot of love, a lot of friendship and a lot of good will in the human race.

I am appealing to the sentiment of the entire world, in the name of your faith, in the name of your human will, in the name of your human rights, in the name of your human freedom. Let us all prove again that humans are humans and they all need love, understanding, and peace.

We are asking all peace-loving lovers of justice, tranquility, human respect and human grace to come with us.

We don't want that world where ordinary people cannot live with ordinary freedom.

©The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan