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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Where We Become One

Excerpts from a lecture given on 6/25/87 at Summer Solstice

When you take copper and nickel and put it together, you get white brass out of it. Then you burn the white brass and you can never split copper and nickel out of it again. It becomes one—that is called one-to-one basis. You all want one-to-one basis but you are not willing to go through the heat of it. You know how crooked you are; you want to control each other on one-to-one basis. I control you, you control me, God knows who controls who. That is not one-to-one.

One-to-one means, when neither you exist nor I exist, the one exists. When two elements meet together, a third element is formed that is called the one element. Two always make one—that's a law of nature, that's a law of God. Man and woman meet to produce a child—that's the law of one. You and I meet to create one.

One is a very special science on which the entire Sikh walk of life is based. It starts with, Ek Ong Kar - the One Creator of this creation. But how to reach that one? By amalgamating the self when you and I meet, into one. Then the One, the unknown One will live. Neither you nor I will live. And it is the most conscious act of life.

Some of you want to be rich, some want to be poor, some want to be free, some want to enjoy life as you want to—there are a lot of inspirations in you. This will all come to you in proportion—as much as you put in, that much you may have. But the whole Universe will come to you, when you'll become one, or learn the procedure to become one, with anybody or everybody, anywhere or anytime.

And there's one principle to it: we all have one thing common—we all have different minds, we all have different bodies, but we have one soul—we’re a part of one soul. If we can see the soul in each other and relate to it, find it, understand it, respect it, then that oneness will be forever.

©The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan