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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Spiritual Freedom

Excerpts from a lecture given on 1/21/80 in Los Angeles, California

Time is asking us to be committed; time is asking us to be grateful; and time is asking us to be in preparation for what we believe in: freedom of the individual and the spiritual right of everyone. If we need spiritual freedom, human rights, and an honorable, competitive economic way of life, then we should be ready to sacrifice. I am not making a political speech and you know I am not going to run for any office. But that is the way it is today.

We cannot afford to fool around anymore. Insanity, commotional, emotional attitudes are the things of the past. Now you have to tighten your belts and be smart enough to match up to the call of time.

I know there is no reason for a political territory, but unfortunately, it will be a great lie to each of us if we do not understand that we do exist in a political territory. And this political territory guarantees us religious freedom, and it guarantees us human rights, and it guarantees us the right to vote.

We are people who have come from all around the world as aliens to live in a land where we believe that we will have religious freedom. But if somebody wants to take it away and we sit by and do not think and act and prepare ourselves, we are the worst to ourselves.

There is one thing that is very strong; it is stronger than anything else other than God. Next to God, which is the most strong in this world, is greed. And if a person cannot be changed because of greed, only the hand of God can change (that person).

So I call you today, if you are black or brown or yellow or red, whatever you are, let us rally our spirit, let us share our technology, let us be loving, convincing, effectively prepared.

Lord God, give us the strength, give us the power and give us the grace. Give us the courage that we may not ever betray it. You are the Creator, God of all Gods, being of all beings, the supreme being, and our prayer is, help us with strength and courage that we can go through what your will is. Let thy will be done and thy love guide us to Infinity.

©The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan