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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Prepare to Serve the Age of Aquarius

Excerpts from lectures given on 12/20/97 and 6/21/01

The most veteran, courageous, and pious act of a human is to be with another human, because we are like stars in the sky, born at one time and space, to be ourselves. All we have to do is say, "I am with you." When you start being one with everybody, then you are actually with God, because if you cannot see God in all, you cannot see God at all.

Touch a person, hold a person and then carry a person. You can't drag anybody. You can't lean on anybody. Carry them, simply and truthfully. And what are the words that dignify the carrying? Can you repeat after me? "I am with you." That's all. One line, "I am with you.”

Forget who you are and help others. How beautiful will you be in the memory of another person if your very touch or presence or your few words can miraculously take care of the other person? Will he ever forget you? All you need to do is to forget who you are and help another person. Reach out. This is life.

"Hail Guru Ram Das and heal the world." And remember when you heal somebody's problem, your problem will disappear right under your own presence. You will love it. My problem, your problem, our problems are only there when we are not taking care of others. Do you understand? Marriages break, children go astray, neighbors fight. It doesn't mean anything. The Age of Aquarius is taking care of others.

You are you. But when you deal outside, touch everybody with the longing of the soul. That enriches your soul. 

The years before the Aquarian Age begins—these years are the years of challenge. And what is the challenge? You must come to embrace the truth. You must come and experience the truth. You must come and be the truth. 

Keep your sadhana regardless of how you feel about it. If you continue your sadhana, the end result will be that you will be needed by the Age of Aquarius. We are going through a change of age and we are participating in it. If you look at the evening news you will find that disasters are happening everywhere. But you are changing. You are changing to challenge the ultimate challenge—to help humanity through it.

When you don't have patience, then you don't have yourself. It's a most cowardly act. When you lash out and flash out and do all that mischief, you are cheap and you are a creep. It's not you. Hold your ground and behold. Every day is yours and yours alone. It is not anybody else's. Behold, the breath of life is yours. This life is yours. You are yours. How many of you are yours? How many have given themselves to themselves? What kind of lover are you? What an idiotic thing to do—to love everybody, but not yourself.

People say to us, "You look beautiful. Help me." They don't want to tell you a story, they don't want to take time. You have to help them. You can't hide under this nonsense, under your neurotic life. "Oh, I am an attorney. I am a doctor. I am an executive. I am successful.” People won't care who you are. People will mob you. They will ask for help. They will like your energy; they will want the touch. If you know how to touch the heart, you will be great.

What more I can tell you? It's on us. It is coming. We have prepared ourselves for thirty years. Nobody can tell you what to do. You have to go sincerely inside your psyche and say, "I am radiant. I am a reality. I have my own reverence.” Let people know you are a graceful reality, with reverence of courage. You have to protect your own reverence. Nobody can protect it for you.

Now I have done my job. I am on my way out. I have given you all that you need. For your sake, practice it and experience it so you can share with people who will fall on you like hordes.

Thank you very much. May you all be blessed, blessed, blessed and may Guru Ram Das bless you forever. This is the time for you to declare yourself. You are teachers and even if you have been the most lazy, lousy, bedridden, nonsense, come out and just touch people. Leave the rest to God. Be kind, compassionate and caring. And just touch. Everybody has obnoxiousness and passion and everybody has compassion and grace equal to it

Kindness knows no defeat. Caring has no end. And touching a person's heart is the only language God knows. I hope God and Guru will bless you throughout this time, here and hereafter.

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan, published in Success and the Spirit.