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Yogi Bhajan Q & A: How do we Learn to Trust our Intuition?

Student: How does one learn to trust their intuition, to live from their intuition and trust it?

Yogi Bhajan: First, develop your intuition: let your eyes sit at the tip of your nose, let the tip of your tongue chant Wahe Guru, and sit in grace and break through all the odds which will come through, and one day there will be no odd, it's done. You will see the unseen, you will know the unknown and you will feel the unfelt. The frontal lobe, third eye, Agia chakra, has to be opened.

A good human will live by intuition and consciousness. A fool will live by emotions and feelings.

If you have intuition and you know you have intuition, you will never cross it. If you have intuitive feelings, you will cross it. Intuition is something which becomes the guiding master. But intuitive feelings a person can overcome, deny it. As you go in this spirituality, first you get intuitive feelings, then you get intuitive vision, and then if you become intuitive, there is nothing to worry about.

[From a lecture given on 7/26/97]

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