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Yogi Bhajan Q & A: Emotions

Q. What is the role of emotions?

A. Emotions are very important, but any mistake you ever make will occur when you become attached to your emotions as reality.

Q. How do yogis view grief?

A. As humans we feel the loss of loved ones and grieve. As yogis we know everybody as a loved one and part of the Creator. How can we grieve when a loved one goes home?

Q. What can I do when I feel angry?

A. When we are angry our body temperature rises. Body temperature is maintained by the breath. Breathing through the left nostril is cooling and breathing through the right nostril is warming. When you are angry and feel you want to do something terrible, start breathing through your left nostril. You will calm down in exactly one minute.

Another way to get rid of anger: Sitali Pranayam. Breathe through an extended, curled tongue for exactly three minutes, then drink a glass of cold water. You will be surprised how you feel.

Q. You have said that the emotions are the sensory system of the soul. Could you explain how we can use our emotions as the communication system of our soul and not as trauma inducers?

A. When emotions guide us they serve us; when we are ruled by them, they destroy us. Develop your sixth sense in meditation by concentrating at the tip of the nose with the eyes one-tenth open. It will all come to you automatically. (Aquarian Times, Spring 2003)

Q. What are the ways to drop fear?

A. Take that pen. Raise it. Drop it. That’s how. When you drop something, just drop it. There is no other way. Don’t listen to the lies of people. No kriya can help you drop it. Only you can. Just drop it. 

©The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan