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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: The Little Voice Inside

Excerpts from a lecture given on July 20, 1994

Intuition tells you what is for you. The little voice inside is a very powerful thing. It tells you exactly what it is. It will tell you if it’s not right, avoid it. Normally you don't avoid it; you let it slide.

Intuition will always tell you what will protect you and what is best for you. If you are not intelligent, you will slide into some pit where you cannot come out. Intuition can only tell you, intelligence can really work it out, and caliber is what will create a proper impact so you will not suffer. Intuition is your basic right and you all know what is going on. Intelligence is to figure it out and impact is what you have to understand that is everlasting.

Intuition is a guidance which will always be supported by the entire Universe and Mother Nature. Your fear will totally put you in a cage for nothing. Your fears are your enemies. And your intuition will always tell you correctly. If you prefer your fear over intuition, forget it.

Start practicing to develop your intuition. Lock your eyes at the tip of your nose and chant the mantra Wahe Guru. Your intuition will get clear in forty days, ninety days maximum. 

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