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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Intuition and Emotion

Excerpts from a lecture given on September 2, 1989 in Ocean City, MD

We have become total victims of our feelings. As long as you follow the feelings, you will never develop intuition. They are enemies. Those who will develop intuition will never follow the feelings. Feeling is between circumstances to circumstances, people to people. It's a projection of a relationship. Intuition is totality; intuition is reality; intuition can tell you the mega view. 

Intuition can tell you what is micro and macro consciousness; intuition can tell you what is good, bad and best against the worst. If you are very intuitive you can deal with the worst. That is practically needed by a human brain and that is what a real human is. You cannot deal with impulsive feelings.

You cannot become passionate and let your passion be out. You have to have a virtual control system and you cannot have control if you do not have intuition. You cannot respond to your duties though you know the entire wisdom. You cannot act truthfully though you know every truth. You cannot act righteously though you know what is right.

People don't have their brain. There is a cantaloupe or a watermelon. There is no brain. It has not been trained from childhood. There is no sensitivity. That's why in our relationships we are very selfish; we only serve the time and want to get away with it. We do not leave the impression. We try to impress each other.

This is the time that the world is changing. The psyche is changing. The axle has twisted already five degrees. This is the time the intuitive being will survive, others will just live like animals in their own garbage.

You have to decide what you want. How insensitive you are about your totality. Lack of intuition is not a small loss. Lack of intuition means that your geography is out of place and you are substituting intuition with feelings and emotions, and then you are going to the tragedy of commotions.

I have seen in my practice as a commanding officer that when you give some people five rounds or fifty rounds they can never calculate because they do not have an intuitive sensitivity of the blow of the air per millimeter of pressure on the bullet. Now understand the speed of the bullet, the touch of the wind, the resistance—you have to calculate it automatically by your unconscious. And there are some who with one bullet will just get it right.

Why are some people very smart and others are not? Smart is an art of intuition. It's not education and intelligence. It's an applied consciousness. Intuition comes from intelligence and consciousness at the same time because that gives you extraordinary sensitivity.

Without intuition man is a self-destruction within his own construction. It cannot be avoided. Without intuition there cannot be happiness. There cannot be fulfillment; there cannot be one’s touch with reality. People will be chaotic, neurotic, psychotic, impulsive, full of feeling, locked in, locked out. The tragedy, which I am finding after twenty years of being with you, is that neither the father nor the mother has any time to teach their children intuition.

There is hardly any game which totally develops the intuition of a human being. A car without gas and a human being without intuition—what distance can it go? So you go in the life of routine in a rut and a route because the boat, which has a broken propeller, goes on and on in its own circle.

If you can be alert, you can divert and avert a disaster. But alertness of what? You have to be totally intuitive to be alert. You have to be realistic with your life. You have to understand your life in the real sense as it demands you to be. You cannot play lip sympathy to your life. Therefore please understand your essential thing is not to deal with feelings and with emotions but with your intuitive mind—which is neutral, which is the source of energy.

This course is not for making people feel good. Feeling good and bad is just stupid. It has no meaning. In life either you are sensitive or you are not. If you are sensitive, you can be intuitively sensitive or you are commotionally sensitive. That's the deciding factor.

If you are intuitively sensitive your business is cut out right, your affairs are adjusted, you will be happy, you feel fulfilled. You will be in control, you will be relaxed. You will make money, you will be prosperous. But if you are commotionally sensitive, you will be in a mess and you will drag everybody to that mess.

Reality cannot come to you without intuition.

Lord God, give us the power for peace, projection for prosperity, kindness in communication, and compassion in our totality. Give us intuitive reality that we can live for Thee, serve Thee, and fulfill Thee within ourself. Sat Nam.

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