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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: I, the Self, Call on My Psyche

Excerpts from a lecture given on March 8, 1995

When we do not have consciousness, we do not have basic intuition. The problem is that intuition has to be developed. It is there but is dormant. Everybody is not intuitive—you can be intuitive but you are not. That's why they say the soul is dormant. And dormant soul means that you are alive but you live by impulse.

When you don't control your impulse, you have no intuition. And when you have no intuition, you are not human. You are a mammal which walks on two legs and looks like a human.

You never ask this question: "Why is it happening to me?" You must live by intuition and by consciousness and not by commotion and impulse.

You always try to bifurcate and identify yourself with something else—never that you are one big human race created by a Creator for experience, intuition and consciousness.

For centuries you have been asked not to practice any practice which teaches you intuition, because then you become stronger than the teacher.

A human is a qualified individual who has the dormant intuition and regulatory consciousness, and you need both so that you can match up to a challenge.

“I, the self, call upon my psyche to come in and show me the Infinity of my Creator and future and find me the facts.” That's the basis of intuition. That's the most wonderful divine in you: “I, the self, call on my psyche. Take me to the Infinity and show me the vastness of this creation.”

If your eyes cannot see in the back of your neck, you are not covered. That is the first step of intuition. If you cannot see the unseen, you cannot know the unknown, you cannot talk the unutterable, then you are not a human.

You have to gradually grow to develop your intuition and your consciousness and you have to do it consciously. Once you consciously reach your intuition, you will be a totally different person. Then you will be “I call on myself and my psyche.”

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