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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Beyond Time and Space

Excerpts from a lecture on 1/22/79 

Beyond time and space is Infinity—a committed mission. Committed mission: I must touch beyond time and space.

Those who serve time and space, who love time and space, who cannot penetrate through, who please the earth, they never please the heavens. They are never with God and God is never with them—beyond time and space.

Tell me the history of any man of God. What happened to them? They were persecuted, prosecuted, tortured to death. Why? They did not serve and please or appease the time and space; they are the rulers of the time and space.

Confrontation is a challenge to your ego. That's why in Kundalini Yoga when shaktipad comes, your own ego turns around and faces you and you say, “I want to leave.” Where? There is no place to go. Somebody was running around the sun, “I want to leave because a shadow is following me.” You are causing the shadow; where can you go? How can you leave? What can you do?

You are unhappy. It is your unhappiness. Why your unhappiness? Because whenever your mind relates to body you are unhappy. When your mind relates to soul, it has a light—you are happy.

The secret of happiness is to relate to consciousness. But you can't even leave this earth. Earth is important to you. Earth as a planet moves to measure time and space. God is not time and space. God is not earth. So if you relate to the magnetic field of the earth, you do not relate to the magnetic field of the cosmos, and then you cannot relate to the Creator of the magnetic field of the cosmos, and then you cannot understand the vastness. When you cannot understand the vastness you only understand limits, and limit is limit.

And that's unhappiness. A bachelor is limited to be a bachelor and he is unhappy. A married man is limited to be married man and he is unhappy. A swinger is limited to be a swinger, he is unhappy. Anything you are, you are limited and you are unhappy.

Why do they say yogis are not unhappy? Because they are just united—they are united with unhappy and happy. As they are united with unhappiness they are united with happiness. Yog means when your consciousness understands that it is part of the cosmic consciousness.

Your orbit is already designed. Why? Because every planet has an orbit and that is designed. You are not special, you are a little star. Twinkle, twinkle little star, I wonder what you are, up above the skies,.. Forgot that? What is it?

[Students: Singing 'Twinkle, twinkle little star…']

You still remember it. I remember it the same way you remember it. That little poem has the greatest cosmic philosophy, that you are a little twinkling star. And you wonder what you are.

This wonder what you are—wonder is the lord, not you. That's why we say Wahe Guru. That is why we call God Wahe Guru—because we wonder. It's the wonderful lord. Why does saying Wahe Guru give you the essence of ecstasy of God? Not because this is said by so and so, not true. It is cosmically true. 

What is time and space? How do you measure time and space? You measure time through dark and light. You measure space through time or you measure time through space. Earth rotates its longitude and latitude and that makes the time. But something moves this earth. Something makes the time and space. So you should give a little bit of time to that. 

You are trying to know the “yak” of you and you are trying to know the “yak” of others. And you waste all your time and space in that, something very dirty, very ugly. You don’t want to know your wonder. You want to know your ugliness and you want to know the ugliness of others.

Guru said a very simple thing: If you see the ugliness leave it alone. Turn around and bypass. Let it be gone. Don't get involved in the consciousness of that. You will be destroyed. Many are destroyed by anger, lust, greed, attachment. You love attachment. You are very attached. How much attached? Has any remained attached? Got to go. Whosoever shall come, shall go. Why? Because there is a specific time and space allotted to you to know the wonder. Twinkle, twinkle little star, breathing, breathing little man. I wonder what you are, I want to know who you are, it's a wonderful thing, how you breathe. It's a wonderful thing.

Blessed be my soul, in the form of the uniform which it wears as a human being, and the unknown which is known through the creativity of consciousness through all congregation and creatures, that I could be here at this time and space, unto Almighty God the Creator of this Infinity in me and around me. May my soul understand through the mind and the body the wonderful lord, the great God of all of us as we belong to Him. It may be He, it maybe She, it may be It, but through all wonders of total creativity there is nothing but God, the wonderful lord of all. Sat Nam.

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