2015 Theme and Camp Meditation

2015 Theme: The 3rd Sutra of the Aquarian Age

“When the time is on you, Start, and the pressure will be off”

Starting this year, our Women’s Camp theme will be the same as our 3HO and Solstice yearly theme. We’ll explore how this can apply to the life of a Woman today.  What’s your vision for change in your life?  What do you want to start doing, or perhaps stop doing?  And finally, you’ll leave camp with the tools to initiate, manifest and sustain new endeavors, no matter how large or small.  Join us as we explore this sutra in-depth and apply it to our lives.


All-Camp Meditation 

Experience the joy and upliftment that comes when we meditate together as women of power, grace, and majesty.

Each year, we choose a different meditation for our daily morning practice, separate from our group sadhana .  We choose mediations that Yogi Bhajan specifically taught for women, that you might not get to practice regularly in your daily life.  This meditation supports the Camp theme, aiding personal transformation both during camp and 40-day period after camp.

 2015 Meditation to Come! 

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