SatKirin Kaur Khalsa


3:45pm – 5:15pm Afternoon Workshops

Shakti Mantra is the Best Tool for Every Hurdle in Aquarian Age ~ Satkirin Kaur Khalsa, NY (Chant) Air Tent
A dynamic workshop defining the need to go beyond Bhakti into the level of Mastery dubbed by Yogi Bhajan as “Chardi Kala, or Kundalini Rising.” We will cover pronunciation, meaning, and Naad of 5 Shakti Mantras. We will meditate on them for a qualitative experience of the area of life we are most needing to master.

Satkirin Kaur received direct training from Yogi Bhajan. Her experience and training in Naad & Raga is embellished through years of study with masters in USA and India. Performing Kirtan across the globe and releasing 18 celebrated kirtan CDs and Trainer of Aquarian Teacher Training Level 1, Naad and Mantra module, she brings a vibrancy and deep understanding of the spiritual sound current.

Through her music and workshops she will deliver a deep experience of how Naad and rhythm work together to calibrate the ten bodies for a quintessential experience of bliss as well as wisdom in relationships and family and children on a spiritual path. Satkirin’s classes are fun, dynamic, and nourishing.

Here are what her student’s are saying:

“Dearest Satkirin, THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart, for the time we’ve spent together so far. Your music classes are an absolute joy! I feel surrounded by love and support as I dive ever deeper into the rich and benevolent universe of Kirtan with you. I feel extremely fortunate to be studying with a woman of such depth and experience, who has dedicated her life to transmitting these profound teachings. A few months after acquiring a harmonium and beginning lessons with you, I am already feeling the incredible benefits of this music. I use it as my meditation and find the answers to life’s challenges within it.” -Therezia Gaal (Nirmal Karam Kaur), New York, NY

“Sat Nam dear SatKirin Kaur, I just wanted to say how grateful I am for the workshops and Kirtan you have done in London over the last few days. It is such a joy to have beautiful live music whilst practicing Kundalini Yoga. Thank you for your commitment and for your music, which has kept me up, kept me happy and given me great joy over the last few years.With love and gratitude.” -Sat Charan Kaur and baby Manpreet Kaur, London, England

“Simply Speechless, about your voice and way of presenting \”Gurbani\” to us. Waheguru.” -Gurpreet Singh Deo

“Satkirin Kaur blesses us with every note she sings. It is Infinite Love coming through the voice of angel. Hearing her sing, we cannot help but feel connected to that which is far beyond the self. And it is in that connection that the true Beauty of Infinite Love can be experienced. Wahe Guru! Sat Nam & Thank You Satkirin.” -Mahan Deva Kaur

“Thy voice is from heavens, a great blessing to the Mother Earth. I have been listening non-stop to \”Mera Man Loche\” with \”Ra Ma Da Sa…\” for days and have not been able to control the tears. THANKING YOU from my heart…” -Simran Dhillon

“I am so glad you are there. I have been most recently listening to the Mangala Charan CD you gave to me. You have been so kind and uplifting and supportive of me and my growth as a human being and woman. I Thank God, Yogiji and all of you Teachers! Sat Naam, with Love, Light and Peace.” -Christina

“After I purchased a harmonium, I searched for a harmonium/kirtan teacher for almost a year. Then a good friend of mine suggested I contact Sat Kirin. When I called Sat Kirin, we set up a lesson right away. After my first lesson I knew I had found my teacher. In each hour and a half lesson, we do vocal warms ups, warm up our voice and hands with scale practice and then move on to learning a new composition. Satkirin shares a bit of wisdom by reading to us at the end of class and I leave each lesson feeling uplifted. Being with Sat Kirin is such a blessing and a gift from God.” -Marrianne Bochilo

Watch the video below for a sample of Satkirin’s New York City classes.

To schedule a free twenty minute Skype consultation with Satkirin, please email: [email protected]



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