Sat Santokh Singh

Saturday, June 22nd, 2013

10:30am – 12:30pm Morning Workshops

Healing the Wounds of LIfe ~ Sat Santokh, CA (Heal) Air Tent
In this workshop you will learn techniques to deal with feelings of self-doubt and “not good enough”; questioning whether you have something to offer; and trying to prove you are OK. You will begin to acknowledge the wounds you have received to your sense of self and give yourself permission to succeed in life. You will leave with a clear vision of yourself as a healthy, worthy human being and with a regular daily practice to help maintain that image.

Sat Santokh Khalsa is a leader in the field of transformational workshops and applying yogic technology to living in the world with care and consciousness. A former manager of the Grateful Dead, and Snatam Kaur’s father, his presence generates a magical and sacred space in which one’s heart is deeply touched.

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