Nam Hari Kaur

Friday, June 21st, 2013
3:45pm – 5:15pm Afternoon Workshops

Numerology: Your Soul’s Destiny ~ Nam Hari K. Khalsa, CA (L/D) Fire Tent
Everything is changing and we need to know where we stand in the midst of these changes. Through the science of Numerology you will learn how to calculate the projective frequency of your Soul’s Destiny line. Through the science of mantra, you will also learn how to keep yourself tuned into this higher frequency. 2013 contains 13, which is the “Power of the Word.” Now is the time to activate yourself!

Nam Hari Kaur had the rare privilege of sitting at the feet of the Master, Yogi Bhajan, to learn the esoteric science of Yogic Numerology. She lived in the Mother Ashram in New Mexico for 16 years, and over the course of 7 of those years she would walk from her house at the Mother Ashram  to the ‘Ranch,’ where Yogi Bhajan would have her speak to his guests and staff members about the meaning of their birth date numbers. He would then comment further on her analysis, always showing her the next step and dimension of this sacred science. At the end of her 7 year training he said to her, “That’s it, you know it all!”

Nam Hari can do a personal reading for you over the phone or by Skype. The numbers of your birth date hold the answers to your life’s infinite potential. She will guide you step by step towards a new awareness of your own life cycles, and how to move forward with the greatest success. Nam Hari also specializes in the area of relationships, and by knowing the parallel and diagonal lines of connective energy between you and another, your relationship experience can be more fulfilling. It’s all in the numbers!call:  310-202-8937  or  575-305-0017 or email:  [email protected]

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