Gurumukh Singh Harris

Friday, June 21st 2013
2:00pm – 3:30 pm Afternoon Workshops

The Yoga of Intersectionality: Intersecting Systems of Discrimination and Privilege ~ Gurumukh Singh Harris, (L/D) Earth Tent
In consciously recognizing “that the other person is you,” we see many people are “othered,” as we are “othered,” by systems of discrimination. The Yoga of Awareness is a potential tool for liberation from the pain and stress of sexism, racism, heterosexism, and other ISM’s. This workshop draws from African-American Psychology, Black Liberation Theology, and critical race theory. Participants will gain experience for facilitating access to Kundalini Yoga as a path for supporting social mobility and civil rights activism.

Gurumukh Singh Harris has been involved with 3HO since 1971. He was first trained as a teacher in Phoenix at Nanak Dwara, and lived for a short while at Hargobind Sadan in San Rafael before moving to Los Angeles, where he began his long association with Krishna Kaur. Under her inspiration he has developed workshops exploring the intersecting African roots of Yoga and Christianity, particularly Black Liberation Theology. Developing sadhana and meditation music with African musical influences (Samba, bossa, reggae, mbira, marimba, gospel, jazz, rock, and folk) has been an extension of his work in founding one of the seminal New Age / World Beat bands Rhythm & Bliss, Taiwo – Taste The World, and helping create the Krishna Kaur Band. Currently employed as a college professor teaching Addiction Studies and Ethnic Studies, he is concerned with promoting any technologies for the liberation of the human spirit.

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