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Tarjeta de Destino con Nombre Espiritual

Your spiritual name destiny card serves as a beautiful reminder of the divine sound current (nadh) and meaning of your spiritual name and its power to deliver you to your highest destiny. Use it on your altar as you meditate on your name, on your desk as a name plate, as an uplifting and divine art piece, or as the perfect gift.

“A spiritual name is the first step to connect you to your destiny.”
  -- Yogi Bhajan

Each card is 5" x 7" (12.7cm x 17.78cm), fully laminated, and will be printed to order with a beautiful design, your spiritual name, and its "essence meaning". El 'significado ssencial' es una traducción corta de la esencia del significado de tu nombre espiritual. (Si has recibido una carta de Yogui Bhajan o Nirinjan Kaur con tu nombre, lo encontrarás en el primer párrafo).
The cost of each card is $20 (USD) with Free Shipping.