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How/why is this meditation helping me?

This 90 Day Sadhana includes 40 Day Pre-Solstice Sadhana, 10 days of Solstice and 40 Day Post Solstice sadhana. Daily chanting 11 minutes of the Ethere tattva Wahe Guru Mantrs. Sign up to get daily emails from key Solstice Teachers here: http://www.3ho.org/summer-solstice/prog ... sadhana-3/

Re: How/why is this meditation helping me?

Postby amarpreet » Fri Aug 03, 2012 11:36 am


It is always a joy completing 90 days of 1 meditation; in fact, it's a joy to complete anything that you've set out to do - it's a testament to your discipline.

I was noticing how my pets loved meditation time - they come up and sit down with me - my small dog and cat, and press up against my legs as I sit chanting the mantra. I'd like to think that this is their moment of symmetry also.

We practice bringing our body into stasis during these moments of breath and stillness so that we can gradually learn to achieve harmony throughout the day at any time. We practice processing the clutter that clammors in our brains by sitting and confronting it during our time, so that we don't have to randomly experience it as we are trying to focus on other things. Our ability to relax, shift, and refocus gradually becomes a working part of the psyche that we don't have to consciously initiate. We enjoy neutrality more frequently so that we can be more and more objective and helping to our fellow humans; we hope that we experience frustration, anger, and fear less and less so that we can love more and more. We value our synchronicity with the infinite web that binds us all, human, plant, and beast. We thank God, Goddess, Creative Spirit of the Universe, Unseen Source Energy, for these moments alive and the sensaton of all of the blessings around us.

Sat Nam, Wahe Guru x's 3,

Love, Amarpreet

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