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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Love is My Last Chance

 Excerpts from a lecture by Yogi Bhajan, March 28, 1994


Painting by Sewa Singh Khalsa,

Tonight we are discussing the most important subject, and that is “Love is my Last Chance.” That’s why human karma got the body. Human karma did not get the body, the environments of the body, the parents and the relatives, and the longitude and latitude where you were born in order to hassle your life all the way. If you hassle life, and by profession you have become a hassler, that’s not human. Human life, when it has no love at the heart and no affection in the head, is the life of a hassler. It’s a life of pain, disgrace, unfulfillment, doubt, and questions. It has no integrity, no dignity. With all the wealth of the world, it has no peace.

Love is my last chance in life in the sense that I have to love, first of all, my own consciousness. I have to love my own character. I have to love my own characteristics. I have to love my own dignity. I have to love my own dimension. There are so many things I am supposed to love for myself, before I say even one word of, “I want to love you.”

I understand that when you are young, you want a soul mate, or you want a friend or a relative or a lover or a husband, etc. It doesn’t give you anything because the incomplete is relating to the incomplete. You should try to understand something, the very simple logic of it: one incomplete human is helping another incomplete human. It means, I have a broken leg and I am trying to help a person who has a broken arm. So that does not mean that I am not helping and that does not mean the other person is not getting help, but this kind of living and this kind of religion and this kind of situation doesn’t make sense.

Now, love as you understand it is very different than what love is. You have sensual love, you have sexual love, you have personal love, you have conditional love, you have unconditional love, etc. Actually, love is a self-acknowledgement. When I love myself, I can be so rich that I can love everybody. The “depending” love—because you love me, you depend on me, and I love you, so I depend on you—as in business, because I expect this, you expect that—that is not love. That is called, what can you call it? Softening the way. Meaning one thing, doing something different.

Love is the one word most abused in the human vocabulary. Because, the first condition of love is, when you are in love or you love somebody, you have no question to be asked. Where there is a question, there is no love. Where there is a condition, there is no love. Where there is an expectation, there is no love. Where there is jurisdiction, there is no love. Where there is a territory, there is no love. That which can be defined and have dimension is not love.

When a child wants to go and catch a piece of burning fiery wood, his mother jumps in and stops him and pushes him away. It’s a very cruel act, a harsh act. It’s an act of enforcement, but it’s an act of love, it’s a protection, it’s a mother’s bond for the child, protection. These are the faculties in which we act under love. In love we honor. In love we grace people. In love we support. In love we sacrifice. In love we give. In love we elevate. In love we will pray.

Love and fear are two forces. Whatever you do under fear, it shall take your life away from you. Whatever you do under love, it shall give you fulfillment. But love will not satisfy your emotion. That’s the unfortunate part of it. Love will not satisfy your neurosis. Love will not satisfy your ego. Love and God have no dimension. Ego has every dimension. So when you are in love, you have no dimension. When you have dimension, you are not in love. And this cross reference of life takes away 99.9% of your life and you are totally blank at the time of death—you did not accomplish your one chance which God gave you through a human body, and love was your last chance.

You couldn’t love anybody without condition. You couldn’t love anybody like God: without control, territory, expectations, and whatever. If anybody wants to experience God, the person may talk for years and years about everything, every knowledge. You can read a library, book after book. But if tons of love do not show up from that person, and his projection is not totally clean and clear love, the rest is just bait, and it is called hooker’s paradise. This love is nothing but “hooker’s paradise.” We make bait out of love and put a hook in it to get our job done. It is very destructive.

Those who understand life and love have endurance. They do not act childish, and they do not act passionate and entangle themselves in commotion and neurosis. Their words are like jewels and they are conscious like the brightness of God, and their strength is like Infinity. These are the people who really are the beloveds of God, and they enjoy love as the last chance of life. Otherwise, Maya[1] is so bewitching, people forget their reality and they forget so badly, that at the last day, they can’t remember why they didn’t prepare for the last day. You prepare in your life for tomorrow. There is no tomorrow. Every tomorrow shall become today to face you, and today you always face. But the day you start preparing for that last day by reminding yourself, “When I quit the planet, what legacy am I going to leave behind? And what link shall I have with Infinity”—then you are liberated.

I have never forgotten that God has made me a human, never for a moment.  And I never misunderstand that He could have made me a donkey. And He could have made me a snake. And I never forget that God made me a wise man. And I would have been very grateful if He had made me a foolish man; then I wouldn’t have to exert myself. Do you understand what I mean?

So in wisdom, in equality, in ecstasy of consciousness, you have to understand that God made you for a purpose. Please learn to deliver that purpose, not your ego. That’s the secret.

© 1994 The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

[1] The illusion of the reality of sensory experience of one’s self and the world