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Pinkie Finger Technique to Carry the Day

Yogi Bhajan taught hundreds of short tips and tools out of the tradition of Kundalini Yoga to help us live to our highest potential. This one is a great communication technique.

If you do not know how to communicate something that is bothering you, and you have to go to a meeting to talk, sit down at a table and press the pad of the thumb down on the nail of the pinkie finger (underneath the table; nobody will ever see). Just press your little finger for about a minute. And then touch it. (The tip of the thumb touches the tip of the baby finger.) Your entire sense of communication shall come on your command.

You don’t have to have an initiation, you don’t have to belong to anybody, and you will carry the day. When your ego finger (thumb) will press on the Mercury finger, it is just telling the horse, “Let us gallop.” It is a totally physiological situation. There’s no reason that your communication should not carry the day.

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan